Welcome To Paragon Antigua!

We support founders & entrepreneurs running & aspiring to create their own projects.


You can join us here at Paragon Antigua, our Latin American HQ & centre in Guatemala, or you can join us on a unique retreat in an interesting place somewhere around the globe.


We understand the need to support entrepreneurs in a holistic way; this includes supporting mental health & wellness goals, as well as business & life goals.


Retreat, replenish your energy & your soul & grow at our centre where we have a range of facilities & services available to help you stop, assess & move forward; from business, career & life coaching, to wellbeing support, coworking spaces, organic farming land, popup spaces & a range of adventure & cultural activities.

Our global retreats blend personal development, business strategy, innovation & direction audits, with adventure challenges, cultural explorations, unique experiences & a wellness focus - all designed to support your growth.

We were founded by & are run by entrepreneurs who share the values of personal development, entrepreneurship & connections with like minds - join us!


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