Welcome To Paragon Antigua!

We run personal development retreats and burnout recovery retreats for Founders at all career levels & stages, and for professionals who aspire to start out on their own.  


While our retreats are designed to support, regenerate and accelerate personal and career growth, we understand the need to support leaders in a holistic way; this includes supporting mental health and wellness goals, as well as business and life goals.


If you need to replenish your energy, have some adventure, and want to work on your personal & professional growth whilst having a unique life experience, then we are right for you!

Our retreats blend personal development, life, career and business audits, business strategy, innovation and direction reviews, along with adventure challenges, cultural explorations, unique experiences and wellness activities - with plenty of time built in for rest and reflection.

You can join us here at Paragon Antigua, our Latin American HQ and centre in Antigua  Guatemala, or you can join us on a unique retreat in an interesting place somewhere around the globe.

We were founded by entrepreneurs who know the importance of investing in personal growth, new experiences and learning, and who share the values of personal development, entrepreneurship, adventure and connections with like minds - join us!


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