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Escape the city, get into nature,

replenish your energy, have an adventure!

Work on yourself or get creative,

take some space to get contemplative.

Come to us if you're facing change;

and your world just all got a bit uncomfortably strange.

Finish that project you've yet to complete...

or leave a retreat here - feeling purpose and complete.

We offer tailored programmes and independent stays including programmes for digital nomads which are focused on coming for personal growth and leaving with a direction and plan in hand relevant to your regeneration, reinvention, and future happiness.


Escape the city and retreat to our organic small holding in the countryside mountains of Antigua Guatemala. We are located about 10 minutes by car from the historical city centre, right in the central hub for culture and adventure in Central America.


Our centre is set in 15 acres of private forested green space with all of the amenities you need for developing, working and living in a beautiful open healthy environment.

We have a farm shop that stocks freshly-frozen meals made in our own kitchen and which contain as much fresh organic produce from our small holding as possible. We produce a range of both vegan and 'eat everything' meals. You can also find our Highland Honey range - our home brand of organic honey, herbs, condiments and more.


We offer eGift Cards that can be redeemed against any of our programmes, independent stays, meals or shop products.

We can accept Bitcoin and some other cryptocurrencies as part-payment for our programmes and independent stays of 1 month or longer.

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Where are you at right now?...

1: I have one or more of these going on:

I have significant decisions to make or challenges ahead and I need to face, embrace, plan for, and get on top of them. I need help with that.

I feel, think, or perceive that I am adrift, unsure of my direction, and I am suffering because of it (and so are the people around me that I've not yet driven away entirely!).

I am mentally burned out, or my mental health is suffering due to my current environment, circumstance, indecision or inaction - I feel stuck, unmotivated or uncertain. I do not feel good.


It's time to invest in my personal development; to review my direction, raise my self-awareness, to get a new plan together, and get my confidence back! I need support and help to do it.


I know that not being able to identify a direction, sort my mind out, and being in limbo is eroding my confidence, motivation, positivity and relationships.

I've exited a job role or company or had a big life shift that's left me with an identity crisis! I need to rediscover and ascertain who I am now and who I want to be ahead.


I am lacking a sense of purpose and need to find a new focus or position.


I am completely mentally burned out.

I could benefit from a structured, full programme in a different environment to help sort myself out and I also like the idea of aftercare following a residency. 

Our Retreat Programmes could be great for you!...

2: I have one or more of these going on:

I identify with things in column 1 one but have read about your 28 Day Retreat Programme and although I like the scope of it, a month feels too intense - a more open 6 month programme would fit me better.

I can take an extended time away, or want to take a career break to review what's next.


I work remotely and I would benefit from working with a qualified professional coach to help me get on top of tasks, to stay focused, and to help move me towards my goals faster whilst keeping my life balance in check.

I'm facing or already in a major life transition and need time and support to work through that transition.

I need to be somewhere that I can write a book or a large volume of content; I might need help keeping on top of my progress, my life balance, and basic life care while I focus on getting it done.

Time spent on basic self-care tasks like shopping, cooking, cleaning, laundry, driving to the gym, commuting, meeting the needs of others etc., while trying to execute on my project, is undermining my progress, overwhelming me, and exhausting me. I just want to be somewhere where I don't have to think about all that - I want a chance to focus.


I want to explore Guatemala, go on adventures, and remain fully connected to the outside world whilst on a more flexible programme.

Our 6 Month Residential Programme could be ideal for you...

3: I have one or more of these going on:

I work remotely or I am a digital nomad and need a base that feels like home with local support to help me slot into the local scene.

I don't want the support of a qualified, certified life or business coach right now; I just want to be out of the city and in the environment you have!

I want a private house or apartment and don't want to share rooms or bathrooms.


I need reliable wifi, reliable power, food options, somewhere to workout.

I want nature, beautiful views, green surrounding and fresh air, and I want to be able to roam safely outside 24/7, regardless of what's going on in the rest of the world.


A view of erupting volcanoes, forests, a valley - green space - an inspiring natural environment - that's for me!

I do need to be where I can think, focus on my work, video call, create content or write from in peace.


I want autonomy but also access to a coworking space or community environment for human contact sometimes.

I want to know that during any future Covid restrictions, I'd still have full access to the things I need above.

I might like to create and host events to share my skills, knowledge or experience with like minds. I'd need a physical space to do this that's not in my house.

An Independent Stay with us could suit you perfectly...

I'm not sure which is right for me!
I want to learn more and maybe chat it over...