Our Community

El Hato is the up & coming mountainside neighbourhood of Antigua in Guatemala. Away from the hustle of the central city, this community is surrounded by nature & is often nestled in the clouds providing a perfect natural environment for working & living.


The location echoes our ideas of cross-pollination - El Hato is a place where the different stories of Guatemala come together with its diverse inhabitants. Walking up the road you will find: a strong community of traditional Guatemalans, the homes of the more affluent wishing to be away from the main town, & travellers staying in some of the popular speciality lodgings in the area, such as the leading centre of yoga at Earth Lodge, Hobbitenango, among others.


We believe that El Hato provides a true experience of what Guatemala has to offer & being only a 10 minute drive from the centre of Antigua, means clients have comfort & convenience at this location. 



We have a close connection with the local community & believe that as pioneers out of El Hato, we have to be champions for the community. We have set up some key initiatives and partnerships with some local groups and projects.