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Outdoor Barbecue

Are our core values are Entrepreneurship, Self-Development, Tribe, Creativity, Adventure & Wellbeing.

Everything we do aims to deliver a blend of these + FUN!

Our events are focused on supporting you to learn, develop you & get the stuff done that you need to progress as a business person.


We run three types of events, most of which are invite-only (please subscribe to our Paragon Tribe list below).

Office Hang Out

Learning-By-Doing Events.

Objective: Business & Self-Development

Location: Paragon Antigua & Online


Give me an example you say?... join us & your other Paragon Tribe coworkers for a workshop or focused session 'Sales Skills 101".

You brought your laptop, pen & pad of paper with you.

You get lead through how to create your sales strategy specific to your idea or business (if you already have one; if not you will better understand what you'll need to do when you have!). You'll leave the session having learned what a sales strategy is, how to do it & go home to refine & continue to execute on your plan.

These events are Delivered By: A business coach, mentor or a specialist in a chosen area of focus. 

The objective is to cover the skillsets of both entrepreneurship & business in practical ways.

Group of Mountain Bikers

Networking Adventures.

Objective: Business & Self-Development

Event Location: Varies


Give me an example you say?!...

... leave the office, throw your suit in the bin and get your adventuring gear on! 

You jump in your car with your rucksack & meet us at the designated rendezvous. We head off adventure-hiking, kayaking or mountain-biking somewhere, or all three.


This is how we like to 'network! 

You'll get to meet other members of the Paragon Tribe & have a great fun time whilst meeting like-minds & making new associates.

People like to do business with people they know: when you've been on an adventure together, bonds are made people, bonds. are. made.


These events are delivered by: A Paragon Tribe Ambassador.

Upcoming Events

Remember that our events are by invitation only so please subscribe below.

Paint Cans

Creative Workshops.

Objective: Creativity, Imagination, Fun & Trying New Skills

Event Location: Paragon Antigua


Give me an example you say?!...

... you arrive at Paragon Antigua to join a small group drama workshop on our outdoor platform. You are wearing relaxed loose clothing & will embark upon learning skills used in theatre that are transferrable into your workplace. Oration, confidence, presentations, body language, imagination & innovation - are just some of the areas you can master in a workshop such as this!


This is how we like to build skills for confidence & skills! 

The personal growth & enhanced skills that come disguised as fun activities are enormously beneficial to us as business leaders & people developing projects & people. These are also chances to forget what's happening at the office & get some soul-nourishing timeout!

Acting & performance skills, creative writing skills, creative challenges that grow new set of rural pathways & lead to more creativity at work! - it all helps us to develop. Sometimes we need a non-business creative focus to decompress from stress in an adult learning environment. With wine available. 


These events are delivered by: Experienced teachers with backgrounds in delivering workshops to professionals in ways that enhance transferable skills & understand our need for learning, self-development & fun.