6 Month Residential Program

Home Base | Full Board | Focused Support | Freedom To Roam

For you if you need a base, a change of space or pace, help with setting & achieving life or business goals, can work remotely.

This program has been set up for you if you fall into one of the three specific categories / profiles below:


1) You have read the details of our 26 Day Burnout and Personal Development Retreat Program but want a less intense, less structured program and have more time; you also want the freedom to roam and explore guatemala and a digital detox is not for you.

2) You are an established digital nomad or professional who can work remotely - you have a budget for personal development, business development, and living, and want an environment with a turnkey set up; You want a quiet home base and value the benefits of our green environment, program and aftercare. You may or may not have already experienced business coaching or mentoring as aids to your life and / or business development.

3) You are a Founder (we can also sometimes accept small teams) needing both a base and business support services to work through a startup concept or development phase. 

What's Included in the 6 Month Program?

All of our programs are tailored to reflect a client's specific needs and focus. The above three profiles include a variation of purpose, direction, and support style (coaching vs mentoring for example).


The following make up the basic basis of everyone's 6 Month Residential:

Private Airport Transfers

- Private ensuite accommodation

- Weekly maid & laundry service

- All meals included

- Life and / or Business Audit (as appropriate)

- Life and / or Business Strategy Review (as appropriate)

- Weekly Life and / or Business Coaching or Mentoring Session (as appropriate)

- Friendship support calls to help with any environmental or cultural adjustments

- Remote Concierge Support for help with local knowledge and practical aspects during your stay

- Orientation Tour of Antigua Guatemala

- Alumni Aftercare Support

- Access to Exclusive Alumni Global Retreats

Things To Note

Meals are freshly prepared, simple, hearty, home-cooked, and are either served on the terrace or available in the shop fridge that you can heat through in your home at your convenience. In December 2021 we will be including vegan and gluten free options.


There is a 24/7 self-service shop that stocks essential items including snacks, sodas, wines, toiletries and stationary for your convenience.

In-room spa treatments, local hikes, tours, yoga sessions, a personal fitness trainer, and Spanish lessons can be included as structured aspects by tailored quote.

Strong wifi is free throughout the centre and there are various breakout spaces so you can choose your daily work environment, conference call space, or stream on your device.

suggested packing list will be provided - we are in the tropics (two seasons) but at altitude (it gets hot and very cold).

You may bring a life partner with you on this program who will live with you (surcharge applies).

We may allow a pet.

We do not allow infants or children. 

Intake Process

If you think this is a program that could be right for you, please book an initial 30 minute Q&A below.


This session allows both yourself and us to ask all the questions we need to establish if the program could be right for you. If we don't think this is the right option (or even the right centre) for you, we will make a referral where possible.

If we proceed together, upon payment of your deposit, your journey starts from home before your arrival - you will be sent a more in-depth 'getting to know you' style intake questionnaire and a DISC profiling questionnaire, along with medical and other general documents. This enables us to get our team started on planning your support structure which is an essential part of why you're coming to us. It also enables you to start preparing for your time here.

Ready to Start?

Book Your 30 Minute Q&A

These calls are 100% confidential. Nothing you tell us about you or your circumstance is ever shared outside of our team.

Please note that our main phone line will refer you here as they specifically deal with general enquiries and independent stays.


If you have a quick question or two:

Please send a message in the chat - Hannah will answer you within 24 hours.