Question: What is the price of not taking control of your future?

It's Time For You To Sort Out You. 

Personal Development, Burnout Recovery & Reinvention Retreat Program

A big change (or lack of enough significant change) can really take it's toll on mental health, confidence, motivation, physical health and happiness. Both the person facing it, and those surrounding them suffer.


MOVE AWAY FROM Fearful, uncertain, lost, directionless, purposeless or burned out.

MOVE TOWARD Rested, re-energised, reinvented, refocused, motivated and focused on a direction that's going to build a brilliant new chapter that makes and keeps life exciting.

If you couldn't do the job you're doing today - what would you do?

Who are you going to be and what are you going to do in the next chapter?

It's your choice.


This program extracts you out of your normal environment, comfort zone and routines so that you can really work with us to assess, review and discover who you are going to be, what you are going to do, and how life is going to be ahead.

Once you leave us, we will still be alongside you to make sure you are on-track with the plans we help you make, and that you are transitioning with confidence and continue to craft how you want your life to be.

Key Program Details


Start Date: 1st Monday of each month (subject to availability)

Length: 26 day residential + 3 months of remote aftercare

Primary Language Used: English

Your days are full and have planned structure involving a blend of activities. Each client has a program tailored uniquely to that client, thus we have an application process so that we can 1) gain insight into what's going on with you right now which gives us the information we need to tailor your program and activities and 2) gives you the chance to get to know more and make sure it is the right option for you right now.

Whether your primary focus is reinvention, burnout recovery or personal development, a program typically includes:

1 Month of You Time

25 Night / 26 Day Structured Program

Full board

Private Ensuite Accommodation

In nature surrounded by greenery & stunning views

Personal development focus

A unique opportunity for personal growth

Plenty of rest, reflection & down-time included

Full Life Audit (Life, Career, Wellbeing, Direction, etc)

1-2-1 Coaching (change, reinvention, wellness, life, career)

Identifying Purpose Review

Setting Goals, leaving with a plan & direction that's right for YOU

Expert Advanced DISC Profiling

Rediscovering your authentic self

Creativity / Workshops

Learning to be mindful through mindfulness activities


Spa Treatments

Antigua Orientation & Cultural Tour

Adventure Challenges

Rewards & Surprises

Digital detox (yes you have to! except when assigned time in the Coaching Room)​.

An amazing 3 Months of aftercare support to keep you on track once you leave us.

This retreat program is for individuals, you may not bring anyone with you.

This program could qualify for a tax deduction under 'training' or similar in your country (talk to your accountant).

This program price typically ranges between $15,000 - $35,000 which includes the 3 months of aftercare. 

During the initial enquiry we will explore budget together and tailor your program accordingly.

Want to ask us questions about this program, or start a reservation enquiry?

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These calls are directly with a retreat team member and are 100% confidential. Nothing you tell us or your coach about you or your circumstance is ever shared outside of our team.

Please note that our main phone line will refer you here as they specifically deal with general enquiries and independent stays.


If you have a quick question or two:

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